Kotan Acupuncture Clinic located in Carlton close to Melbourne CBD with easy access to public transport and parking available.

Kotan, meaning ‘elegant simplicity’, is the artful form of Japanese acupuncture.

Japanese Style Acupuncture is a hands on, practical healing treatment. Japanese acupuncture use a combination of fine needles and moxibustion to heal the body.

Why Japanese Acupuncture?

Japanese style acupuncture in my opinion is just fantastic.

Most importantly the practice of Acupuncture is effective for many conditions.

Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbows and Knees are common conditions that I have experience treating.

Digestive complaints like IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome  are also commonly seen in my clinic.

History of Japanese Acupuncture

Like many of the cultural gems that left China, medicine too made its way to Japan. However in Japan there developed a stronger emphasis on Moxibustion techniques as well as a cultural bias for thinner, less invasive needles.

Acupuncture is a holistic medicine based on the elegant foundations of Taoism. It actively defines the world through Yin and Yang, as well as through its relationship with the Five Elements.

In 1929 the Sorei School opened with its famous catch cry, ‘return to the classics’. The meridian school of acupuncture that started in Japan also studies heavily the Classics of acupuncture and it is from these classics that we have developed this traditional style.

Japanese Acupuncture is a gentle practice because of the use of extra fine needles and specialized techniques. These have been developed to minimize any discomfort.