How It Works

A Different View on Health

ItsĀ  incredibly lucky that we have this knowledge and opportunities in this modern age to be able to refine our understanding of the human body. Acupuncture is no exception. Our understanding of Acupuncture and its mechanisms continue to astound us even to this day.

The Human Body or more specifically the acupuncture points which are littered all over it, are highly sensitive to both electrical stimulation and heat (Needling and Moxibustion). Here is the real secret behind acupuncture. Its the subtle manipulation of these qualities that enables us as acupuncturists to heal you. Of course it becomes somewhat more complex as illness progresses but the basic premise remains the same. Use the flow of energy or electrical stimulus, and the balance of heat in the tissues to balance the body or move it back into a position of health.

Slightly More In Depth

Acupuncturists view the body as a whole entity comprised of various systems. The focus lies in the integration of these various systems, such as the digestive system and the respiratory system; all working together, affecting each other, nourishing each other and keeping each other in check.

Man is represented in terms of the cosmic Yin and Yang, of the heavenly energies mixing with the earthly ones. This is referred to as the 5 Elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wind and Fire, which all have correspondences with the organs and meridians of the body.

The signs of illness, disease and pain are reflected in the meridians. This might be seen as pain or redness along the meridians. Diagnostic techniques which influence treatment include reading the pulse (TCM Style) and the tongue, palpating the meridians and the abdomen.

Treatments consist of needling and moxibustion along the meridians to promote the correct overall flow of Ki and balance the Yin and the Yang. Then targeted functions of the body that are troubled are also treated.

It is in this way that the body is brought back into balance, re-establishing a sense of well being.

Acupuncture at Kotan Clinic, like its Taoist teachings, seeks the gentle path to recovery and ultimately, a sense of contentedness to the universe.